An Artist and a Mother is a book of visual artworks and essays that speak to the diverse ways artists balance creative life with the demands of mothering. It includes thirty-seven essays describing the work of thirty-nine international artists and an art collective, as well as a resource guide with books, journals, magazines, organizations, and other resources. This book seeks to highlight the growing body of artist mothers who are making visually and conceptually interesting artwork not just despite their status as mothers, but often because of the inspiration and challenges that come with motherhood.

An Artist and A Mother provides an intersectional feminist look at artist mothers, rooted in academic well-cited writing while honoring personal narrative and poetic writing. It’s refreshing to shift between longer-form essays, personal narratives, and poetry, interspersed with abundant artwork images. Hearing so many perspectives and experiences of mothering while making art was very affirming.

- Rebecca Potts, Teaching Artist Podcast

This illustrated book of short essays reveals a dimension of the feminine, maternal experience that is often invisible. These poignant stories of artists and their experiences as mothers are varied and vivid. A wide variety of artistry is represented, from paintings to textiles, to photography, to sculpture, to performance. This topic is significant within the context of feminist theory, art education, and the support of families and children.

- Dr. Mark Graham, Professor, Art Education, Brigham Young University

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