Will You Hug Me Forever

As the COVID-19 virus claims the lives of my extended family and friends and family grapple with its symptoms,  I feel both lucky and trapped in isolation with my children.  

I chose to wear a mask for 8+ plus hours while I went about my normal day–homeschooling two young kids, cooking meals, laundry, walking the dog, gardening and listening to music. I photographed myself at hour intervals. This process and durational piece taught me more than I expected. At times I was exhausted and my breathe felt completely restricted, pressure built in my sinuses and temples, my nose dripped, and I became overwhelmed with the emotions over our reality. I do not understand how our health care professionals and my dear friends manage under these conditions to serve us. Spend a day with restricted airflow, you will appreciate your freedom more than you already know. My 6 year old daughter asked, " Will You Hug Me Forever"? Yes I answered, as long as I am able. 

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